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Mother Daughter Connections®

Jun 27, 2022

On today's special Dad Chats episode of Mother Daughter Connections™, I'm joined by therapist, speaker, podcast host (The Dude Therapist), and awesome dad, Eli Weinstein, LCSW. (NOTE: This episode covers some mature topics that may be inappropriate for young children. Please use your parental discretion.)


Eli and...

Jun 20, 2022

On today's special Dad Chats episode of Mother Daughter Connections™,  I'm joined by my friend Charles Calloway, licensed fiduciary, Founder & Owner of Charles Calloway & Associates and dad of four daughters.


Charles and I discuss  . . .

  • His early life in the foster care system.
  • The dangers that exist for...

Jun 13, 2022

On Mother Daughter Connections™ today,  I share 3 Ways Your Dad Is Affecting Your Mother-Daughter Relationship. I call them the "3 R's" ...and it's not Reading, wRiting, or aRithmetic.   


I also do a special shout out to Dads for this Father's Day month of June and announce the upcoming Dad Chats Series !!!


Jun 6, 2022

Spring-boarding from a recent, This Is Us episode, on Mother Daughter Connections™ today  I share:

  • The 3 Things my mom drilled into me
  • How I responded to those messages from my mom.
  • The 3 Things I have drilled into our twin daughters & how they have responded to those messages.